In studio Classes Are back!

I’m looking forward to getting back to the the studio, safely, of course.

Starting April 3rd, Saturday morning classes will resume at the Millworks Studio. We’ll keep the classes small to start, we’ll wear masks, and if you’re not ready to come back in person yet, no worries, we’ll Zoom you in. To register for in person, or Zoom:

Hip and Heart opener

Anyone else doing some serious binge watching lately?? I have! This week’s practice has been working on front of the hip, and the shoulders, balancing the stretch with the strength, counteracting all that Netflix time:) Join me live:

Here’s a recording of class for those who can’t make the 9 am time, link will be active for a week, let me know what you think, and also, what you’ve been watching:

Topic: Hips and Hearts
Start Time : Dec 4, 2020 08:54 AM

Meeting Recording:

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving is a little different this year, but the sentiment remains the same, grateful. Hoping you all have a peaceful day tomorrow.

Yes, there will be class Friday and Saturday, if you would like to practice, but can’t make class, register and I’ll send you the recording:

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HIIT and NIDRA Tuesday on the ZOOOOOOM:

I have a feeling I’ll be a bit anxious on Tuesday… join me at 8am for a calorie torching Zoom Yoga Sculpt Session, followed by a 30 minute Guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) to escape it all. Free, sign up for one or both! Invite your friends, we need this!

Also, new this week, 3 weeks of Mindful Strength on Thursdays at 8am, also, no cost, but limited to 5 people that think they might be able to join all 3 sessions. We’ll start with progressive push up strength, and if there’s interest and you’re noticing results, we’ll keep at it! This is truly an all levels class.

Register here:

Nara Park

Schedule Update:

Hi All, how’s everyone doing?? If you’re looking for some Yoga, here’s this weeks schedule, I’ll re-share Friday nights Boston Children’s Hospital fundraiser also:

Lelia is subbing Monday at 9, Millworks members, use code Millworks to register and get the Zoom link.


Lelia at Long Lake

Dopamine fasting: It’s a thing

You know that feeling when you just have to check that text message, or see what what the notification light is all about? You reach for your phone when you know you shouldn’t, like at a red light (guilty!) You’re brain is seeking a dopamine hit, and your phone is happy to oblige. Dopamine is a brain chemical, a hormone and also a neurotransmitter that sends signals to other cells. Its the main chemical activated in reward motivated behaviors, it’s our get up and go, and not a bad thing at all.

I got the idea of a dopamine cleanse from last month’s Yoga Journal Article, AND then I watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix (highly recommend). The fast can just be a few hours of relaxing and reading a book, go for a walk (more like a stroll, no checking steps, or closing rings required). I now realize how many times I pick up the phone, check the email to see if there’s any new dopamine morsels there, scroll the news and Facebook, looking for that something that satisfies, well, nothing really! Like in meditation, the practice is the noticing. Notice when you feel that urge to scroll, and can you pause, breathe and notice the sensations in your body, and what is it that you really want? Is it boredom, do you seek connection, how else can you satisfy those cravings? I know, how about Yoga:)

Yoga this week: extra early morning classes at RCY: Subbing Saturday and Sunday: 7-815

Or book directly with Deirdre McWade Yoga:

Yoga this week:

Some changes to the schedule this week: All classes are now on Zoom, and at 9am:

Millworks members can use code MILLWORKS for Monday and Friday classes.

Good luck to all the kids, parents and teachers as classes resume this week, deep breath, you got this!

flying liam, and yoga

How cute is my nephew Liam?! I love the dress up phase kids go thru, it gives them an opportunity to think about themselves in a different way, they get to dream, hope and use their imagination. Plus its super fun, and you get to be creative!

In our Yoga practice, we get to be creative too! Crow, Eagle, Pigeon, Airplane, Dancer, Warriors, we get to embody the shapes and use our imagination. Visualization is a powerful tool for our minds, it empowers us, and light up parts of our brains like Christmas trees!

Here’s this weeks schedule:

Last week of Outdoor Yoga at Millworks, we’ll move to Zoom at 9am starting September 14th. Millworks members (or card holders) user the coupon code MILLWORKS to bypass the payment. See you on your mats, costumes optional.

Liam, Age 2

Banana muffins and Yoga

Can you believe next week is September?! Yoga classes will remain as is for the next week, 2 outdoor classes and 2 Zoom.

Here’s the signup for classes:

We are looking to bring the outdoor classes inside in the fall, I’ll measure to see how many we can safely fit, and report back.

And a Gluten Free, no added sugar muffin recipe that was pretty yummy, not stick of butter, cup of sugar yummy, but pretty good:) I made them in the food processor, next time, I plan on adding just a little maple syrup:

Yoga this week:

We had a wonderful family getaway in the White Mountains, how cute is this cabin we stayed in? Love the slower pace, the views and the opportunities to explore nature, we even spotted a bear! Best part was the terrible WiFi:)

More outdoor Yoga this week, still Zooming, there will be an online option Saturday and Wednesday at 9, and outdoor Monday and Friday mornings.

Register here:

…and subbing Monday the 24th at 6pm for Gwen at RCY, Acton:

‘Glamping’ Lost River Valley Campground, Woodstock, NH