Practicing Gratitude

charlie brown

Isn’t it Ironic, that the holiday of Thanksgiving, where we express gratitude for all we have, and each other, is followed, just hours later, by Black Friday, which is all about gratification! If we could just hang onto the feeling of gratitude for a while longer, think how much money we could save!

In our everyday lives, it can be difficult to stay content.  Studies in positive Psychology show a gratitude practice can enhance your well-being and satisfaction with life, and your relationships with others.  Often, at the end of a Yoga class, you’re invited to consider someone, or something that you are grateful for.  It’s one of the tenets of Yoga: Santosha, or Contentment.  This practice reminds us that we have everything we need, and the practice of repeating that to ourselves, keeps us centered and happy in the abundance of all we have.

You can even Bio Hack your gratitude practice, by imagining your desired outcome like it already happened.  For example, if you’re healing from an injury, or perhaps anticipating a surgical procedure, you might think: I’m Grateful for a strong body, and the ability to heal.

“Emotions like gratitude and appreciation open your heart and lift the energy in your body to a new place-…  It teaches your body emotionally that the event you’re grateful for has already happened, because we usually give thanks after a desirable event has occurred. -from You Are the Placebo: by Joe Dispenza

So, just like we can make ourselves anxious or angry by re-hashing an argument in our mind, or imagining a scenario that may never happen (aka worry) we can alter the state of our mind to a positive emotional state by bringing to mind something we are thankful for.  Notice if you experience a lift in your heart, or a smile, the ultimate sign of an elevated mood😊

Give it a try and report back!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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