Meditate, Meditate and then do it again

Great article, shared by Jill Miller (of Yoga Tune up fame) to a FB group I belong to.

If there is one activity that you can do to contribute to your wellness and increase the function of your immune system during this time, it’s meditation. It costs nothing, and studies show, even if you are really ‘bad’ at it, it still works. There are loads of apps that can support and guide you, but even taking a 1 minute break to sit and feel what its like to be in the very breath you are in, one breath at a time.

For kids! Don’t even tell them they are meditating, depending on the age, you could have them focus on a candle (one with a battery is fine!), or clasp their hands with their pointer fingers steepled and pretend they are gazing at a candle, imagine the color, the flicker of the flame, slowly blow it out, and do it with them! If they have hard time falling asleep, guide them thru a “Yoga Nidra” imagining each part of their body relaxing and softening as you go, and do that with them too!

During the day, if you notice yourself spinning into the future, or ruminating on the past, or just feeling overwhelmed, stop, plant your feet on the earth, lift the crown of your head to the sky and take ten long, slow breaths. You’ve got this!

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