Dopamine fasting: It’s a thing

You know that feeling when you just have to check that text message, or see what what the notification light is all about? You reach for your phone when you know you shouldn’t, like at a red light (guilty!) You’re brain is seeking a dopamine hit, and your phone is happy to oblige. Dopamine is a brain chemical, a hormone and also a neurotransmitter that sends signals to other cells. Its the main chemical activated in reward motivated behaviors, it’s our get up and go, and not a bad thing at all.

I got the idea of a dopamine cleanse from last month’s Yoga Journal Article, AND then I watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix (highly recommend). The fast can just be a few hours of relaxing and reading a book, go for a walk (more like a stroll, no checking steps, or closing rings required). I now realize how many times I pick up the phone, check the email to see if there’s any new dopamine morsels there, scroll the news and Facebook, looking for that something that satisfies, well, nothing really! Like in meditation, the practice is the noticing. Notice when you feel that urge to scroll, and can you pause, breathe and notice the sensations in your body, and what is it that you really want? Is it boredom, do you seek connection, how else can you satisfy those cravings? I know, how about Yoga:)

Yoga this week: extra early morning classes at RCY: Subbing Saturday and Sunday: 7-815

Or book directly with Deirdre McWade Yoga:

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