Yoga for Beginners

Now offering Yoga for Beginners, Saturdays, 1030 am, Millworks, Westford

Thinking about adding a movement practice to your routine, but not sure where to start? Yoga has been proven to relieve stress, ease join pain and stiffness, and contribute to an overall sense of well-being!

In this class, we’ll go over the basics of the practice, and I’ll work with you to offer variations and suggest props to make the practice accessible to all.   In addition to the Yoga Poses, we’ll bookend the practice with meditation techniques and breath work.

Week 1: What is this yoga thing all about?!

The benefits of slowing down and tuning in.  We’ll start with a short meditation and learn to integrate body, mind and breath.  Explore some standing postures, variations offered to suite all levels.  We end all practices with some floor work and another opportunity to be still, and reboot your central nervous system, in a restful shape (Savasana).

Week 2: Balance

Adding onto what we learned in Week 1, we’ll add on some standing balance.  Maintaining balance is so important on and off the mat.  Balancing poses command our presence, and I promise, you don’t need to have good balance to try these poses, just a willingness to try and a sense of humor.

Week 3: The Spine

Back-bends, Forward Folding and Twisting!  Safely move your spine in all available directions. The spinal series is said to energize the body, and reverse the aging process.  You’re only as young as your spine is supple. Pretty bold claims!  We’ll learn the building blocks of the spinal series, with props and modifications offered to make this accessible to all.

Week 4: Hips and Shoulders

We’ll explore the movement options and range of motion available in the hips and shoulder joints, and how to gently increase the pain free range of motion available in these areas that hold tension.

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