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Getting ready for Mindful Strength training with Kathryn Bruni-Young!

I’m really looking forward to training this weekend, online with Kathryn Bruni -Young. Kathryn is a movement educator in Canada and the founder of Mindful Strengh. She hosts a super informative podcast (Mindful Strength) and she has been a big influence in my yoga…

Meditate, Meditate and then do it again

Great article, shared by Jill Miller (of Yoga Tune up fame) to a FB group I belong to. If there is one activity that you can do to contribute to your wellness and increase the function of your immune system during this time,…

Coronavirus Sanity Guide — Ten Percent Happier

Free resources to build resilience and cope with coronavirus stress and anxiety. These meditations, podcasts, talks, and blogposts will help you find some calm amidst the chaos. — Read on

Calling all Beginners!

Can’t touch your toes?  Can’t sit still?  Aches and Pains?  Come to Yoga!  The second week of Beginners Yoga is tomorrow at 10:30 at Millworks.  First class at Millworks is free, so you have zero excuses.  See you there:) More details: Yoga for Beginners

4 Week Beginners Series: Jan 4, 11, 25, and Feb 4th

Join me for a beginners yoga and meditation series at Millworks, starting January!  Email or message me to register, for more details, click here:

Yoga for Teens and Tween

We’ve had a few inquiries about a teen/tween Yoga offering at Millworks!  I really enjoy teaching this demographic, and am hoping there’s enough interest to run the series. Free Preview date: December 18th at 330.  To register your child send me a message on…

Practicing Gratitude

Isn’t it Ironic, that the holiday of Thanksgiving, where we express gratitude for all we have, and each other, is followed, just hours later, by Black Friday, which is all about gratification! If we could just hang onto the feeling of gratitude for a…

Let go of the Banana!

It’s fall here in New England, we’re seeing the last blast of color this week, before the trees release the last of their leaves.  I’ve seen some memes on Social Media that say ‘the leaves are about to show us how beautiful it is…

3 Week Beginners Series: Nov 2, 9, 16

So excited to roll out a beginners yoga and meditation series at Millworks, starting November 2nd!  Email or message me to register, for more details, click here:

Ultimate Rejuvenation Fall Cleanse

Hi Yogi’s, In the Spring, I did participated in Lisa’s Cleanse, and have just signed up for the Fall Cleanse, so scroll down for the link should you want to join also!  What I really like about this program, is the focus on mindfulness,…