Yoga this week:

Some changes to the schedule this week: All classes are now on Zoom, and at 9am:

Millworks members can use code MILLWORKS for Monday and Friday classes.

Good luck to all the kids, parents and teachers as classes resume this week, deep breath, you got this!

flying liam, and yoga

How cute is my nephew Liam?! I love the dress up phase kids go thru, it gives them an opportunity to think about themselves in a different way, they get to dream, hope and use their imagination. Plus its super fun, and you get to be creative!

In our Yoga practice, we get to be creative too! Crow, Eagle, Pigeon, Airplane, Dancer, Warriors, we get to embody the shapes and use our imagination. Visualization is a powerful tool for our minds, it empowers us, and light up parts of our brains like Christmas trees!

Here’s this weeks schedule:

Last week of Outdoor Yoga at Millworks, we’ll move to Zoom at 9am starting September 14th. Millworks members (or card holders) user the coupon code MILLWORKS to bypass the payment. See you on your mats, costumes optional.

Liam, Age 2

Banana muffins and Yoga

Can you believe next week is September?! Yoga classes will remain as is for the next week, 2 outdoor classes and 2 Zoom.

Here’s the signup for classes:

We are looking to bring the outdoor classes inside in the fall, I’ll measure to see how many we can safely fit, and report back.

And a Gluten Free, no added sugar muffin recipe that was pretty yummy, not stick of butter, cup of sugar yummy, but pretty good:) I made them in the food processor, next time, I plan on adding just a little maple syrup:

Yoga this week:

We had a wonderful family getaway in the White Mountains, how cute is this cabin we stayed in? Love the slower pace, the views and the opportunities to explore nature, we even spotted a bear! Best part was the terrible WiFi:)

More outdoor Yoga this week, still Zooming, there will be an online option Saturday and Wednesday at 9, and outdoor Monday and Friday mornings.

Register here:

…and subbing Monday the 24th at 6pm for Gwen at RCY, Acton:

‘Glamping’ Lost River Valley Campground, Woodstock, NH

OutDoor Yoga

Outdoor Yoga started last week at Millworks, the early morning is a great time to get on your mat and set your intention for the day. It’s been cooler in the mornings, the birds are chirping, the earth below your feet, the sky above, it’s just. so. peaceful!

This week, Lelia is subbing for me Monday morning, and I will teach her 7am class on Thursday at Long Lake in Littleton (hosted by Littleton Parks and Rec, $10 cash or venmo). I’ve been taking her class for the last few weeks. It’s wonderful, the slope of the beach is becomes a prop to either add resistance to the poses, or make the pose more accessible, join me! Still Zooming too: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9am.

To sign up for Zoom classes, or my Millworks Outdoor yoga, go to my scheduling page:

Any questions? Email or PM.


Long Lake, Littleton

Welcome to August!

Classes this week, we WILL have class this Saturday:

Outdoor Classes!!! Starting August 10th @ Millworks, details coming soon

Lake Bomoseen, VT

try a class this week!

Narragansett Town Beach, early morning

Join me Monday, 730 am for Yoga for Strength and Mobility, use the code GETSTRONG to try this class for free!

Wednesday, Vinyasa flow at 9am, register here:

Filling in @ Revolution Community Yoga, Tue: at 8am and Wed: 7am:

Outdoor classes @ Millworks start Aug. 10th! Stay tuned.

Who’s coming to Yoga?

Nice to have a little cool weather today! Kicking off the weekend tomorrow at 9am.

New classes on Monday at 730 am (bring light weights, a resistance band, or just 2 water bottles) and Wednesday, 9 am Yoga, here’s the link to register:

Hope to see you on Zoom!

New class and other news!

Hi Yogis,

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! if you’ve been following along with Gov. Baker’s guidance, this was the week that many studios and gyms chose to open. The consensus from the Saturday morning yoga crew was to keep having Zoom classes for now as an option, and I have to say I agree. The restrictions (14ft between mats) are such that I’m finding practice on the mat in my basement, with all of you safe in your homes to be the most enjoyable.

And, I’m adding a Wednesday 9am class to keep us strong and focused mid week. I’ve invested in Acuity for scheduling and waivers, so, starting this week, to register and get the zoom link. Payment is via PayPal, or if you prefer, contact me to arrange another type of payment.

Getting ready for Mindful Strength training with Kathryn Bruni-Young!

I’m really looking forward to training this weekend, online with Kathryn Bruni -Young. Kathryn is a movement educator in Canada and the founder of Mindful Strengh. She hosts a super informative podcast (Mindful Strength) and she has been a big influence in my yoga practice and teaching! This weekend training was originally supposed to be in Boston, but she’s transitioned it online.

It’s really nice to have something on the schedule to look forward to, I’ve even packed my lunch and snacks like I’m going to the studio for the day:). Looking forward to incorporating the teachings in my classes, look for pop up Zoom classes with me, combining the benefits of strength training with the teachings of Yoga!