Yoga for Teens and Tweens

Ask any parent, and they will tell you tell you today’s kids have it harder than the previous generations.  Their lives have no off switch.

Yoga’s a fantastic way to tune out the outside world, and reset.  Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, the techniques we practice can be used off the mat, to calm yourself down before a test, breath deep and focus before the game, the opportunity to pause before you hit send on that group text!  These are great tools to take into the classroom, the sports field, the stage, or life!

Each class will offer an opportunity to check in and become aware, harness our attention thru meditation and an active flowing Yoga sequence to unlock stuck stress in the body and challenge ourselves with some fun poses.

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4 Week Teen Series

Wednesdays, 330-430 at the Millworks, Westford


Drop in class

Drop in


4 week series plus one sibling

60.00 for Child one, 30.00 for child 2


Beginners Yoga and Meditation (1)


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