Deirdre McWade, Registered Yoga Teacher

About Deirdre:

Hi!  I’m glad you’re here, and if you have any questions please contact me directly.    If you’re new to Yoga, I hope you enjoy the journey.  Don’t feel like to have to master all the poses, if you have questions, ask, and know that it’s ok to change any pose to make it more accessible to you. 

I discovered Yoga in my 20’s, I’d been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Yoga helped me manage my symptoms.  These days I rarely have a flare up, and I’m grateful to the practice for the insight it’s provided into the workings of the body and the mind.  I enjoy learning more about how Yoga works.

My most recent Certification is in Mindful Strength, led by Kathryn Bruni-Young. This training dove deep into topics like Strength, Mobility, Pain Science (Greg Lehman and Neil Pearson) and Accessibility in Movement practices like Yoga.  Jules Mitchell (Yoga Biomechanics) presented the latest research on stretching and tissue adaption.  I’m so curious about how the body moves, and why practices like Yoga and Meditation have ripple effects in our overall wellness.  

My classes always start with a few minutes to check in with the body, the breath and state of mind, We move through the body, offering opportunities to invite space into sticky spots, and strengthen your ability to move efficiently in the range of motion available to you.  My intention in the classroom is offer an a practice where you are challenged, but never discouraged.  Unless you’re joining a chair yoga class with me, in a Vinyasa type class, we will be getting up and down from the floor and bearing weight on our hands in poses like the Downward Dog.

In my personal practice,  I embrace variety.   Often, it’s Vinyasa flow.  Vinyasa is  movement with breath, in a way that opens the whole body.  I’ve been know to sneak in Strength movements by adding resistance bands, or dumbbells to my Yoga practice, I believe adding load, and increasing resistance is so good for our bodies, and also for our nervous systems. We not only get stronger, but more confident and have more resilience, and who wouldn’t want that? I love to read, listen to podcasts and get outside.  Hope to see you on the mat.

I completed my 200 hour training at Revolution Community Yoga, with lead teacher Cindy Boulter, course work included: Yoga Anatomy with Amy Matthews and Leslie Kaminoff, and Bio-mechanics, Anatomy and Kinesiology with Susi Hately. (2018) I’m CPR Certified and insured.

Additional Training: 3 month teacher immersion: Mindful Strength Certification: 2020, 20 hour Mindful Strength Immersion with Kathryn Bruni-Young (2020): incorporating progressive strength movements into Yoga Practice, 6 Month Apprenticeship with Jacqui Bonwell (2020):  included Balanced Athlete and Functional movement study, Meditation, Sequencing and Themes for Yoga Classes and a study of the Yoga Sutras. Restorative Yoga (2019)Back-bends and Inversions (2018), with Theresa Murphy.


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